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stored stuff

on September 2, 2014

Years ago, a work transition meant that Nimue and I had to change addresses with less of a “front end” than we like. Then, just as we began to sort and pack, an accident put me on crutches for three months. We tore up our plans and revised on the fly; friends and family came with trucks and trailers; and my parents offered storage in their basement and a mostly-clear outbuilding. My woodworking shop and a dozen incomplete projects landed in the “hill barn” one snowy December afternoon. And there they stayed. I was in physical therapy daily, then started an exciting, demanding job. The Mom-and-Dad storage unit was 250 miles away. For those of us called to simplify, “inertia” is one of the scariest qualities we grapple with. It’s taken me nine years to reclaim those possessions, most of them one or two at a time.

But during a quick visit over Labor Day, Nimue and I filled the tandemobile with almost all that remained. The long separation has helped us see about many of those items that we neither need nor want them. We only brought them back to Georgia so we can responsibly shed them.


I didn’t know that having stuff in storage made me feel attenuated—what an odd thing to feel! But now that I’ve drawn it back where I can deal with it, I recognize that I feel a little more located. Which actually increases my freedom to fly. “Stay, go, I don’t know,” a crow once told me with a shrug of his feathers. But he relished that he could choose.

All that's left that's mine is a pile of boards.

All that’s left that’s mine is a pile of boards.

Comments welcome … if you have stuff in storage, what (if any) feelings about it do you notice?


3 responses to “stored stuff

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