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bentwood rocker

on September 9, 2014

day five of the WIST chair shed-a-thon

The year Nimue and I were engaged to marry, we bought two large items at a porch sale held by her parents’ next-door-neighbors: an old table saw and a rocking chair. We have both still. The chair appears to be a late-20th-century kit-built piece, so it isn’t old or valuable, but it’s comfortable and comforting. Nimue really, really loves it. Years ago, however, the seat failed. It wound up in storage in my parents’ hill barn with our other put-off projects.

Muffin's never met the rocker before. It requires sniffing.

Muffin’s never met the rocker before. It requires sniffing.

But we brought it back to Georgia last week, and we aren’t getting rid of Nimue’s beloved bentwood rocker. We’re acting deliberately to shed it from our pile of stalled projects instead. As I draft this post, she’s ordering the supplies we need to re-cane the seat. With that and some light refinishing, it should be ready to … (I can’t resist making this pun) … rock on!

shedding style: repair
destination: renewed use and enjoyment

Comments welcome … if you suddenly discovered you had an abundant balance in a TLC account, on what would you spend some tender loving care?


5 responses to “bentwood rocker

  1. Thank goodness… at the rate you were going I was beginning to wonder whether you’d both soon be sitting on the floor!

  2. Mom says:

    Glad you’ve decided to keep this one. It’s attractive. And, my friend, Muffin, likes it. The small opening in the back is a perfect shape for her. She obviously has designs already.

  3. revdarkwater says:

    In her job description is checking out anything new!

    Spline removal is a challenge. I may need to make a trip to Limestone to use the grinder to turn an old screwdriver into a spline removal tool.

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