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KKT Pro Vic II pedals

on September 10, 2014

1988_cannondale_tandemI’ve mentioned that Nimue and I ride a tandem for recreation and some transportation. We’ve had our 1988 Cannondale for some five years and have added roughly 5000 miles to however many it had already traveled. Tandems undergo more stress than solo bikes (they’re carrying twice the weight), so wear is accelerated. We’re experiencing the results in broken spokes and even a snapped axle. I’ve been staving off the inevitable with repairs, but it’s here: if we want to have more adventures with this bike, it needs new wheels. And if we’re going so far as to build wheels, we might as well truly rig it out for touring and commuting. That means heavy-duty racks, fenders, and dynamo hub-driven lighting, as well as new rims, spokes, and hubs.

So, I thought, the Cannondale will be in the repair stand for longer than we want to be without a tandem to ride. What to do? Obviously, get a temporary tandem! I watched the forums where used bikes are sold, and before too long we brought “Early” home. He’s a 1988 Burley with a chromoly frame and mixed bag of components, some old, some new. He’ll get us through the Cannondale’s down-time, and then we’ll sell him on to someone who wants or needs a good tandem, inexpensively.

Not with the pedals that came on him, though. I took those off and mounted our preferred MKS Sylvan track pedals. I think I’ll adopt the Sakae Ringyo SP-155 set that was under Early’s captain’s seat and try them on Slowjourner Truth—they’d be a nice upgrade. We liked the KKT Pro Vic II pedals that were in the stoker position well enough; in their day, they were a fine Japanese copy of the very best European racing pedals. But the quills have a prong at the end that Nimue can feel through the street shoes she rides in. She has slender feet, so that tells me what small persons elite cyclists tend to be. Even in my racing shoes, I don’t think I could fit my foot to the KKTs.

KKT Pro Vic II pedals with nylon Christophe toe cages and Lapize straps

KKT Pro Vic II pedals with nylon Christophe toe cages and Lapize straps

Kyokuto’s best offering still has its vintage fans, however, so I think I can shed them on eBay. That would help pay my bike account back for the rear brake it had to fund for Early!

shedding style: resell
destination: eBay

Comments welcome … if a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, does knowing a lot about something occasionally complicate your life (as it does mine)?


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