What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time

everyday dinnerware

on September 11, 2014

Before Nimue and I met, she had another love: Pfaltzgraff Heritage-White dinnerware. She had four place settings. I came to love the Pfaltzgraff, too, for its simple, clean, sturdy look. When we married, our generous family and friends gave us more of our “casual china” … lots more. We could have seated fourteen for Thanksgiving dinner, if we’d had twelve more chairs.

After a few years that seemed like a few settings more than we needed, and we gave some away. Also finitude took a toll; the bowls seemed particularly vulnerable. Still we had more than we ever used, so we pruned the collection again, down to four places. Nimue admitted then that she was just a little tired of it; she’d been eating her meals off those white dodecagons for half her life. When we worked in different cities for awhile, I took them to my apartment, and when I came back home, the Pfaltzgraff went into a “might need that again someday” box.

Well, I’m learning to see through the rationalizing untruth of “might someday”: it defers taking responsibility for a choice. So we unpacked the dinnerware from the black hole of that box and are valuing it one last time by shedding it—because the value of “everyday” objects is in their daily use.


shedding style: resell or give away
destination: craigslist or thrift store

Comments welcome … is what’s under your food proportioned to the life you want to live?


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