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negative shed: canning jars

on September 16, 2014

Since I absolutely distrust any absolutes within this mortal pale, probably it was inevitable that, some day of this year of daily shedding, I’d decide to keep something I neither precisely believe to be beautiful nor presently know to be useful. But in the life we want to live, Nimue and I will grow, preserve, enjoy, and share greater harvests. So though we aren’t using many canning jars now, we’re keeping the rather large collection we brought back from storage in my parents’s hill barn.

And I plan to pickle jalapenos from our CSA this week!


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13 responses to “negative shed: canning jars

  1. mcrivelli says:

    I just started canning this year and really enjoy having home cooked foods ready even in nights I only have a few minutes for dinner. Sometimes keeping our stash brings us closer to the life we want to lead.

    • revdarkwater says:

      What are you preserving, Mary? Do you do big batches or a little bit at a time?

      • mcrivelli says:

        I’m a newbie but a girl friend if mine and I like to go to the farmers market or a u pick farm and then get a bunch of whatever is in season and jar it. So far we have made home made pickles, pickled veggies, pickled green beans and a huge batch of home made spaghetti sauce.

      • mcrivelli says:

        We also get together and prep fresh ingredient crock pot freezer meals together too. We found that if we combine our efforts and split the costs it is more economical.

      • revdarkwater says:

        I like that … think sharing the experience would make it more fun and less like one more duty (among others) that must be done.

  2. If you’d saved them, you’d already have the necessary glassware to open a bar. They’re popular for drinks at bars all around Austin. Everywhere, I’m told.

  3. Bruce A. Sorkin says:

    Perhaps more importantly you’ve shed dogma and unnecessary orthodoxy. Be careful though about those Jalapeños.

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