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lightening up a little at a time

coffee can

on September 17, 2014

Though I’ve cut my consumption to two mugfuls a day, nevertheless I go through a can of coffee every two weeks. I feel a twinge of conscience at claiming this as a shed, yet twice a month I have to do it to stay ahead of a deal of clutter.

For quite a while I used a hole punch to make the plastic lid nice and leaky. Then I moved it to the bottom of the can … and voila! I had a kinda cute, if not very durable planter. But soon there were more of them about than I had soil or sprouts for. (And 25 late-season tomatoes last autumn said, “You know, there just isn’t enough root-room in these for us.” And proved it by failing to flower or fruit.)

So now I try to go straight to dismemberment. It takes me, a can opener, and a razor cutter two minutes to reduce a can to its component parts for recycling. The lid, metal bottom and rings, label and cardboard will flow into our community’s “diversion” stream. The foil liner, alas, must add its volume to an anthropogenic hill out on the county line.

before and after

before and after

A better practice would be to buy bulk beans from one of our greener groceries; then I wouldn’t bring this solid waste into the house or county in the first place. —I’ve just recognized a habit I need to shed!

shedding style: recycle, throw away
destination: community recycling stream, landfill

Comments welcome … how else might we shrink our footprints by bulking up?


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