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M. Hohner Marine Band harmonica, key of C

on September 21, 2014

day three of the WIST musical instrument shed-a-thon

Here’s where it gets real … the instrument, the letting go.

For years—make that decades—I’ve wished I could play a musical instrument. (In this, kazoos and Humanatones don’t count.) I’ve even wished I would learn to play, because I recognize it doesn’t happen by magic. But I’ve never successfully made the choice to take time away from everything else I want to do to submit to the disciplines of learning and practice.

I’ve made attempts. I’ve accepted loans of guitars. I kept my friend Nancy’s piano for two years while she studied in Germany, and some evenings I picked out chords on it. But I’ve never made the commitment that might make learning to play stick.

This harmonica is an artifact of one of those attempts. I recall I purchased it at the local music store in Greeneville, Tennessee one summer when I was home from college. (There was no Great Department Store in the Cloud to order things from then.) A truly decent man owned and managed the music store, and gave it his name. I’m glad I knew him. Probably I should have bought or rented a cheap guitar and asked Gene to recommend someone to give me lessons. I wasn’t that smart, then.


I’m not much more, now, but I’ve become more flexible. Should I decide, somewhere and when along my path, to learn to blow a harp, I’ll buy one then—and get a teacher! This harmonica should go to someone who’ll try to make music with it, here and now, not in a someday that never comes.

shedding style: give away
destination: to (I hope) a friend who’s learning

Comments welcome … Julia Cameron (author of The Artist’s Way) recommends that we excavate and resuscitate our buried dreams. But I wonder, if they are a weight that clings so closely, if we’re better off dropping them behind. What do you think?


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