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Nimue’s flute

on September 22, 2014

day four of the WIST musical instrument shed-a-thon

Unlike me, Nimue can play a musical instrument. She mastered the flute in her youth, and has kept the skill. But for years she hasn’t made her flute sing, because it needs service.

It’s been out of hearing, out of mind too long. I’m shedding the inertia. Tomorrow I’m taking the flute to the local music store for a repair quote. And then, even if the figure makes me gulp, I’m going to say, “Do it, please.”

I have a “fun fund” in the bank. What’s it for if not experiences?

shedding style: repair

Comments welcome … what would you give for that with which beauty and meaning can be made?





7 responses to “Nimue’s flute

  1. Mark says:

    Whatever the cost, it’s a small price to pay, I’m sure, to bring a little more music back into your house!

  2. Mom says:

    Hope she brings it next time you come here.

  3. 2fru says:

    Wonderful! Enjoy the melodies and the memories! :)

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