What I Shed Today

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cabbage seeds

on September 25, 2014

Today’s rather modest shed is of some seeds. The packet is dated for the 2009 growing season, and I don’t know how well or poorly it’s been stored. My germination test this spring wasn’t encouraging. But I’m interested in giving whichever variety it is a trial. I say that because the front calls it “Savoy Perfection” and the back “Savoy Chieftain.” Both are open-pollinated, heirloom varieties with crinkled leaves and mild flavor. I sowed 66 cells in a flat with about three seeds each … if that many sprout, I’ll have to scramble to find growing space for them. One step at a time, however. I’m content that this one used up something that’s meant to be used.


shedding style: use up
destination: gardens (one hopes)

Comments welcome … have you anything that doesn’t improve with age you might sow in hope of a harvest?


2 responses to “cabbage seeds

  1. Mark says:

    Let me know if you need a good chow chow recipe in a couple of months!

  2. revdarkwater says:

    Cool! (And it might make use of some of those canning jars, too.)

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