What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time

remainders of spring seed starting

on September 27, 2014

My seed-starting efforts of late winter and spring either succeeded wildly (I mid-wived dozens of tomato and kale seedlings) or struggled toward failure (peppers and eggplants = 0). There wasn’t much in between. Then some of my better results were discovered and snacked upon by whitetail deer. The naked stems of the heirloom okra were a particularly sad sight. But in the end, the target of “enough” was reached, with plenty of abundance as well. (If our skin appears to have a slightly green tint, it’s because we’ve been eating so much kale.)

When hot weather arrived in May, the green fuses were lit and everything, especially the non-food-plant competition, rocketed up toward the sun. I forgot about any more seed-starting, except for some late experiments with eggplants and peppers in cardboard egg cartons. (A friend had enthused about how well it worked for her to line each cell with half a broken egg shell. I tried it, but either couldn’t keep the seedlings from drying out or killed them with damping off—I couldn’t find the safe middle ground.)

All the trays and flats, starting medium, egg cartons with shells, toilet paper tubes, and paper cups I was using got shoved under Werner von Braun to be dealt with later. I had weeds to pull!

“Later” finally came today. I washed the trays, composted the cartons, and filled two coffee cans with mix so I’d have a home for a begonia and a coleus sprout. It feels good to finish that project … just as I’ve sown a flat with cabbage seeds for the winter garden!

My motley collection of trays and flats pose with butternut squash.

My motley collection of trays and flats pose with butternut squash.

shedding style: compost, re-use
destination: another round on the wheel of rebirth

Comments welcome … do you have anything to wrap up before the next round?



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