What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time

standard-flow showerheads

on October 4, 2014

The data set is small … okay, minuscule … but for me, here’s evidence that government programs to encourage conservation really work. Nimue and I are pretty green—at least, we hope and intend to be—and we’ve meant to replace our current showerheads with low-flow units for years. We haven’t followed through, however, until now.

In an unusually (for it) environmentally aware gesture, our state of residence declared a “sales tax holiday” over the weekend for “WaterSense” and “Energy Star” products. We welcomed a seven-percent savings, and even more wanted to acknowledge the initiative, so yesterday morning we rode “Early” the tandem to the Big Box Home Improvement Warehouse and came away with a showerhead that spits out just 1.75 gallons per minute. Even more generously, our community’s Water Conservation Office is giving low-flow showerheads away all month long. I picked up one for our upstairs guest bathroom.

Whether it’s done for economy or commitment to sustainability, conservation is a good investment for both households and communities. We’re grateful for the gifts and the nudge.

Less is more!

Less is more!

shedding style: replace

Comments welcome … did you know that, in homes equipped with electric water heaters, about 25% of energy use is to heat water for showers?


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