What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time

candy bar solution

on October 9, 2014

I skipped lunch today … and wrastled a brush mower in the community garden … not a synergistic combination. (Definitions: “wrastled”: what we say in the American southeast when we wish to metaphorically evoke the ancient art of wrestling without taking it too seriously; “brush mower”: the monstrous child that resulted when a lawnmower and a bush hog got friendly-frisky together while a voyeuristic engineer watched.)

By late afternoon, as I stopped by our local Trader Joe’s, I could feel low-blood-sugar tremblies approaching. I assumed I’d stave them off with one of those pricey candy bars that pretends either to be good for you, or make you Olympian, or both. But then I saw bananas, and right there in the produce section experienced an epiphany. Only nineteen cents for 100 calories of readily-available carbs! I shed the plan to buy a stick of highly processed-and-packaged sucrose and had a banana instead.

It wouldn’t have served every day. Sometimes I really want chocolate, which doesn’t taste anything like banana. But today the fruit satisfied. And I can compost the wrapper!


shedding style: compost
destination: compost pile

Comments welcome … have you ever thought it well and good to go bananas?


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