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faster, pussycat, fill, fill!

on October 16, 2014

Q: What do you get for your aging parents for Christmas? A: They probably don’t need the latest kitchen gadget or trendy power tool. So, if they suggest something reasonable, you get them whatever they ask for. Two Christmases ago, Mom asked for a new medicine cabinet for Dad’s bathroom. (Sounds selfless, I know, but she couldn’t get the lamps in the old cabinet to light, and since he’s lost his sight, he couldn’t help her change them out.)

Thus Nimue and I picked out a new medicine cabinet and light fixture, and made a trip to install them. I knew the new cabinet was smaller than the old and that I’d have to do some drywall work to resize the rough opening, but I misjudged how much it would take. New drywall is thicker than that commonly supplied 50 years ago, so my patch stuck out beyond the old wall. Tape and compound can make a slope where there’s a step, but it takes me several passes to achieve it—and each application needs hours to dry. What I wish could have been accomplished in an afternoon has instead required days, spread now over months. It’s high on my list of projects that are making me crazy. I wanted it to finish it on this visit, declare it done, relegate it to history!

I had to let go of that intention. Much as I hoped for faster progress when I returned to it today, the laws of physics still applied. Some things can’t be hurried. Curing plaster is one.

I accept the necessity of patience. But I’m close to the end now, really close. Maybe I’ll reach it tomorrow!

20141016-dlj- 20.23.56-e

shedding style: release

Comments welcome … how should one adapt when a project threatens to become a lifestyle?


2 responses to “faster, pussycat, fill, fill!

  1. Brother Scott says:

    One could pay Greg to finish it. (Greg is Mom and Dad’s mechanic/handyman.) It comes down to the microeconomics concept of opportunity cost. Is the extra money needed to pay Greg worth the time you save? Maybe yes, maybe no. Of course economics doesn’t address pride in completing the job yourself, which may be important. Still, I often balance opportunity cost in my decisions. I don’t change my own oil anymore, for instance.

  2. revdarkwater says:

    Asking Greg to complete it is a good thought, if he’s willing to cross the threshold of that room again! It’s smooth enough to wallpaper now, at least, and that might be the best treatment anyway. The other walls aren’t exactly smooth as glass.

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