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dry spell

on November 16, 2014

The WIST project suffered in October. I posted on only 12 of the month’s 31 days. The first part of November was even worse. But during this time we shed quite a few items nevertheless. Nimue noticed that a church near Casa de WIST was planning a rummage sale to benefit its pre-school. Sellers could rent tables for $15 each, she found. It sounded like less work and risk than holding our own yard sale.


Over about a week of gathering items, we had enough to fill two tables. We felt like amateurs when we set up the evening before; some of our fellow retailers brought serious infrastructure into the church gym, like clothing racks and shelves. But we enjoyed our modest success. We recovered our costs and cleared a little more, made some people happy with “finds,” and came home lighter by a few dozen possessions (partly because we swung by the thrift store afterwards to donate much of what didn’t sell). We’d gladly do it again, we decided, when the next sale is held in the spring.

the WIST store

the WIST store

And I’m glad to resume (almost) daily posting and leave this dry spell behind!

shedding style: resell, give away
destination: customers, thrift store

Comments welcome … what kinds of things do you think are good to shed at sales?


3 responses to “dry spell

  1. I’ve missed you over recent weeks – welcome back!

  2. […] church nearby occasionally rents tables for rummage sales, thereby raising funds for good works. Last fall we took mostly housewares. Today we set up a used bookstore for a […]

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