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cat crate

on November 17, 2014

I’m shocked, now that I’ve stopped ignoring the facts, at how long we owned and stored this crate compared to how little we used it. We acquired it 19 years ago to solve a specific, short-term problem. We and our three formerly feral cats were living with wonderfully generous friends and their four felines for two weeks while we hunted up a house to rent. To keep the peace during our visit, Nimue and I decided we should corral Hellcat, Pfearpfil and Djinn. They were siblings and got along well, but nevertheless we didn’t think we should stack them atop one another, so we bought the biggest kennel we could find. It wasn’t cheap. It beat boarding our furry dependents or paying someone’s therapy bill, though.

Once we rented a place, the crate came apart and went to the basement. I doubt I touched it till we moved again, whereupon the crate landed in a storage room. Then, upon another relocation, it occupied another basement. It got some employment for a few months when we kept the parental Labrador puppy after Mom’s heart got new plumbing. But none since.

It’s time the crate housed someone who needs a den, so I posted it on craigslist today. I’m afraid I lied and called it a “dog crate.” But I suspect the cats will absolve me.

Blueberry and Muffin model pure disdain.

shedding style: resell
destination: a doggy domicile

Comments welcome … do you have anything hanging around that someone in your household would love for you to shed?


4 responses to “cat crate

  1. As dog-owners we know the value of such crates… it’s bound to find a new owner who will put it to good use.

  2. Kathleen Job says:

    I’m always impressed by how willing the grandkitties are to help with your projects!
    Maybe it’s the camera – they are very photogenic – but, probably, it’s because they
    enjoy being around you, whatever you’re doing!

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