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on November 24, 2014

Nimue and I purged about half our cookbooks today. I found it slightly unsettling. We’d culled the real chaff sometime before, so what remained held warm associations of relationships or fond hopes. (“These were my guides when I first experimented with vegetarian cooking.” “I got this one on a memorable vacation.” “I’d like to cook like the author of this book!”)

But we haven’t opened their covers in years, except perhaps to review a recipe for a specialty of our house. Those have now been scanned and converted to Google docs. We’ve left ourselves some basic reference texts (like The Joy of Cooking and Cookwise) and a few to challenge ourselves to grow with. Better a handful we use than a shelf-full we don’t!

We’ve yet to decide how to shed the cookbooks … try to sell to a used bookstore? donate to the city-county library’s booksale? save them till we can mount our own sale? But they’re queued up to go. That’s the first and hardest shedding step.

Muffin sniffs, "All these cookbooks and not a single recipe for kibble?"

Muffin sniffs, “All these cookbooks and not a single recipe for kibble?”

Comments welcome … I’ve noticed many simplifying/minimalizing/decluttering bloggers purge their cookbooks at some point. Have you done yours? What was it like?


3 responses to “cookbooks

  1. I only have two cookbooks so I think I’m good! Haha. Also…I have nominated you for the Liebster Award because I enjoy your blog! Check out the details here: http://westcoastbloggirl.com/2014/11/25/liebster-award/

    • revdarkwater says:

      Thank you! I’m touched, and challenged (in a good way)!

      Googling the foodie blogs has become my cookbook of first resort, mostly. I probably could get down to just two cookbooks because of that. One would be The Joy of Cooking because even though I never plan to cook squirrel, I know I could read how to in it!

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