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homebrewing literature

on November 25, 2014

Shelved with our cookbooks is my collection of literature about homebrewing. It’s not large (a handful of books and about three years of issues of Brew Your Own magazine), but I decided it could be smaller. I had three books meant to take one from beginning to intermediate brewing; I decided two are enough. Though I loved Charlie Papazian’s cheerful coaching, I can give his classic guide up so someone else can learn from him. Radical Brewing is for those ready for advanced techniques and edgy recipes. I need to become an active homebrewer again before I set my sights on journeyman status, so it can go! And the Dave Line volume is a curiosity from the earliest days of the hobby in the UK. I sought and bought it used when I was trying to clone Smithwick’s for a friend, but techniques and ingredients have evolved so much that Line’s recipes are nearly useless. Still, a thumb-through can prompt gratitude for how far the craft has come and the creativity of its pioneers.

I hope to donate them all to the little library at the local homebrewing supply store.

The prune wine is a bookend, not a shed.

The prune wine is a bookend, not a shed.

shedding style: give away
destination: homebrewing supply store

Comments welcome … thirsty?


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