What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time


on December 2, 2014

My parents and I are eating our way through Thanksgiving leftovers. In the outbuilding we call the “tool barn,” I’m sorting through leftovers of Dad’s many decades of home improvement and yard care. I made one trip with a trunk-full today to what the county calls a “solid waste convenience center”: rows of dumpsters for materials that can be recycled and a big hydraulic compactor for what can’t.


Our family has always saved extra screws, sawn-off ends of conduit, and broken broom handles for repairs and projects. It was good, I affirm, to be resourceful and frugal. But it seems strange that all that care has come now to shelves and drawers overflowing with odd ends, and no place to go with them but an outpost of the dump.

I dream of establishing Little Free Hardware Stores, modeled on the Little Free Libraries, where extra fasteners and building supplies could be given and gotten for the coin of generosity and gratitude alone. My reality today, though, was that I participated in what I call “the toss.” Not all that long ago, consumption was the name of a dreaded disease. People died of it … still do.

shedding style: recycle, throw away
destination: recycling stream, landfill

Comments welcome … what were you compelled to shed today?


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