What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time

– Dad’s blue jeans

on December 24, 2014

My father had a wild streak that liked shooting off roman candles and seeing how fast a car could go. Every now and then he let it get the wheel. In his late sixties, while he was still reporting to work five days a week to lead a department of engineers, he stopped shaving or going to his barber. In a few months he looked so much like Willie Nelson that someone earnestly asked him for an autograph.

It was that streak in his soul, I think, that loved dressing in faded denim so much that his closet and dresser held 13 pairs of blue jeans and two of jean shorts (one of them cut-offs).


Concerning their disposition, one brother wrote, “If the jean shorts are the coveted ones with more patches than original denim, it would be nice to have them framed.” I agree, but I fear that particular pair may have dissolved in a wash cycle. We’ll keep looking, though.

My brother-in-law will try some of the pants for size, but most, I expect, will join the growing shipment headed for Opportunity House.

shedding style: give away
destination: Opportunity House

Comments welcome … does your inner wild child have some claim on your space? Much as WIST believes that less is more, we think she or he deserves a share!


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