What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time

– fishing rod transport tube

on December 30, 2014

In a pattern with so few instances one could hardly see it, I fish only spasmodically, and then mostly by invitation. Nevertheless, I have a fly rod and some gear (which could prove a fruitful category for future sheds). Furthermore, at some point I learned that a fishing pole is an unwieldy, fragile object that doesn’t take well to having a car’s door closed upon it.

So, one afternoon while on a camping vacation at Hatteras (which, somewhat surprisingly, included a good deal of fishing), I found the only building supply store on the island and bought a length of pvc pipe, fittings, and cement. I had enough materials to make two fishing rod transport tubes. I put my rod in one and gave the other to Dad. Like me, he hardly fished enough to need a tube to store rods in, but he graciously thanked me for it.

That happened, let’s see … during a summer twenty-eight years ago. Long ago I completely forgot about the tubes, but while decluttering Dad’s shop earlier this month, I found the one I gave him, stood up in a barrel with other long, skinny things.

spare the rod ... children and fish will be better off for it

spare the rod … children and fish will be better off for it

After a moment of tenderness (“Awwh, he kept it”), I decided I’d best take responsibility for it again. I brought it back to Georgia and offered it to my friend Sam, who really does fish. I hope I didn’t just shift something unneeded from my garage to his, but he did seem glad to have it. Oh, and he wants to take me fishing. I managed to locate my rod in a dark corner, safe in its transport tube, so I don’t have that lack for an excuse. The trip might happen. But fish need not fear; they’re in little danger from me.

shedding style: give away
destination: Sam’s fishing gear

Comments welcome … what of the past almost invisibly clings?


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