What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time

– 2014 (for every shed there is a gain)

on December 31, 2014

Facebook (which, despite a thousand frustrations, I’m not yet shedding because it serves as a conduit of connection to my Mom) offered me its view of my year in review. I didn’t look, because I knew the algorithm wouldn’t have a clue. Looking back at WIST myself, I see a year of painful losses, significant shedding, and gains I’m grateful for.

It’s upon the latter I’m drawn to reflect in this ultimate entry for the year. Nimue and I gained clarity about what we need and want and what, on the other hand, just clutters the lives we want to live. We gained some momentum toward getting closer to that elusive goal.

I’m most grateful for the company I’ve gained on the journey to a less consumptive and cluttered and more simple, sustainable, satisfying, and aware life. Thank you, commentors and fellow bloggers! On your journeys (which I hope will continue to cross ours), goodspeed!

shedding style: release

Comments welcome … as we’ve asked all along… what might you shed today?


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