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– seedy sheet of paper

on April 14, 2015

I hate to throw a seed away without giving it a chance.

I once received a sheet of paper made with flower seeds pressed into it as part of a stewardship education resource. The instructions suggested that children could tear the paper into bits, press them into soil, water generously, and care for the flowers as they grew.

I thought, “Come spring, my inner child and I will plant those.” But come spring, it was buried in a pile, and later landed in a file, where it spent about a decade. I totally forgot about it till one of our occasional spasms of file sorting and shedding brought it forth.

“Those seeds won’t be viable,” I told myself. “That should go straight into the recycling bin.” But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I didn’t want to commit valuable garden space to it either, so it’s been cluttering our home office.

Nimue’s mother wisely says that when you give yourself only two choices, you don’t have a choice; you’re stuck. So I decided to re-frame how I thought of that sheet of paper. Instead of (probably) non-viable seeds or something recyclable, I called it compost. I tore the paper into bits, pressed them into soil, trusted them to the generous rain, and will accept whatever comes of it as good.

seedy paper with arugula

seedy paper with arugula

shedding style: compost
destination: front-yard garden

Comments welcome … have you got anything that could use a new name to free it (and you) up?


2 responses to “– seedy sheet of paper

  1. I have one of these around somewhere too… when I find it, I will follow your lead!

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