What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time

– dead auto battery

on July 10, 2015

What strange objects these are: heavy boxes of acid and lead we motor-vehicle users haul about for hours and miles each day so they’ll supply the energy for a few seconds of work. And how strange I seem to myself for keeping this one for so many years.



I bought it for a project car I never got running … the battery survived the shedding of the hulk. Its cells discharged, of course. Worse, the plates sulfated. But I thought that I might succeed in re-charging it, and beyond that find a use for it. I wasn’t sure what use, but sometimes I cling to hope with a throttle-hold.

I finally realized “first things first,” so I clipped the leads of a trickle charger to its terminals and fed it a few amps an hour for about three days. For awhile it seemed the regimen might work, but then something shorted in there. The circuit breaker that protects my charger said, “Finus! Halt! The end! No more!”

Today I left it at an auto supply store (most of them accept batteries for recycling). As practiced as I’ve become at letting useless stuff go, it’s energizing to notice how much lighter I feel.

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3 responses to “– dead auto battery

  1. Jen says:

    One similar item we shed after not knowing what to do with it was MAPGas (for welding) which the prior owner left in our garage, undoubtedly because he had no way to get rid of it either. Haz waste recyclers do t take it. I put it on Craigslist as a free item, not knowing if it still was functioning. Gone in 5 min by someone in the neighborhood who works on cars. Thrilled!

  2. Wtg!
    Here from AnneLenne Minimalist Sometimes.

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