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– underbed storage containers

on September 30, 2015

On the first page of almost anything written about organization, you’ll probably read, “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” It makes sense. If clutter is something out of place, it can’t stop being clutter till it has a place and is in it.

For years, Nimue and I knew we had a clutter problem. But we thought our trouble was we didn’t have places enough. So we studied closet organization systems like they were guides to the Holy Grail. I built so many shelves, it appeared I’d opened a small furniture factory. We went on an organizational pilgrimage … to IKEA. And we bought storage containers in great variety and quantity.

Now we think that, though it’s true that everything should have a place, it’s not that we didn’t have enough places. We had too much stuff. Stuff we used often enough we thought we should have extras. Stuff we used seldom. Stuff we never used, but planned to someday. Stuff we never used because it was broken, but imagined we might repair. Stuff we didn’t like, but kept because someone gave it to us. Stuff we once used, but didn’t anymore, but kept because we paid good money for it. Stuff we didn’t want, but thought someone might, so we kept it in hopes that person would knock on the door and ask for it.

All that stuff did need a lot of containers … so many that they became just more stuff to keep ordered, clean, and in its right place.

Now that we’ve been shedding possessions that we don’t like or don’t use, we need fewer storage containers. Like these under-bed jobs that look great because they claimed “wasted space” that otherwise just bred dust-kittens. For me, however, they just became black holes of out-of-sight, out-of-mindness. Nimue put winter clothes in hers … but our mild winter weather didn’t encourage getting them out.


We freed them up by giving away most of those clothes. Now the containers are going, too. Maybe they’ll work better for someone else. We sold two the other day. Two more are available on craigslist.

shedding style: resell
destination: craigslist

Comments welcome … is your desire for containers contained? (We’re still fools for those clear plastic “shoeboxes.”)


3 responses to “– underbed storage containers

  1. lifevalueis says:

    This is the first mistake we all do when we want to declutter, we think we need more stuff to organize other stuff in. I’ve been there, but lucky it didn’t go too far. I stopped buying containers a while ago and I still have a few that are actually helpful (to contain the useless stuff around the house that we haven’t yet the heart to throw away)

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