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– shower curtain rings

on July 1, 2016

While we’ve been silent on this blog in recent months, Casa de WIST has echoed with the chatter of a reciprocating saw, the percussion of hammers, and the soft swish of paintbrushes applying new finishes. Nimue and revdarkwater have been busy renovating, inside and out.

But happiness often arises in balance and is at risk without it. So we’re feeling drawn, if not compelled, to attend again to cutting our clutter, and have embraced a goal this month to shed something every day and post to WIST about it.

This morning I was digging down through our box of plastic sheets (in search of one I could use underneath our Eureka Timberline as I attempt to renew its polyurethane waterproofing) when I uncovered this:

2016-07-01 12.13.15-e

It’s a shower curtain, yellowed and stained past my point of dismay, but sound enough to be re-purposed as a drop cloth. But why, I wondered, didn’t I remove the curtain rings back when I put it in the box? No matter; I did today, and we’ll give them to Goodwill or the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Bonus shed: also in the box was my old homemade plastic camping tarp. It was my first backpacking shelter, carried on the Appalachian Trail before I could afford my first tent—which I saved up for and purchased, let’s see, some 35 years ago.

2016-07-01 12.10.52-e

Today the tarp smelled like acetic acid (a sign that plasticizers are breaking down) and cracked when I unfolded it. It must go to the landfill, I regretfully judge.

shedding style: give away
destination: thrift store

Comments welcome …


6 responses to “– shower curtain rings

  1. Lovely to see you back… and glad that you’re likely to be appearing regularly this month.

  2. You should probably save a couple of the shower curtain rings. They are great to use hanging purses and stuff on clothing bars. The way I use some of my older once are: I hang them on my clothing rods, and then hook the purses straps into the rings, I even use them to hang up my caps 🙂 wish there was a way to add a picture so I could show u 😕

    • revdarkwater says:

      Anything with a strap! I’ll start hanging my purses that way immediately (grin). But how do you hang caps on a ring? (I’ve thought too that including images in a comment would be a helpful WordPress feature.)

  3. revdarkwater says:

    I can picture it, though! I call that hole the “ponytail hole” (smile). Soccer moms can’t wear a cap that doesn’t have one, it’s a law or something.

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