What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time

– my little brother’s big old speakers

on January 3, 2017

What’s been cooking today at Casa de WIST? The duck made its second appearance, this time as Peking Duck (with guidance from the infallible Jamie Oliver). For the pancakes, I used Mexican flour tortillas … thicker, but available even at gas station convenience stores in the southeastern US. I thought they were an acceptable substitute, but necessity is the mother of invention.

Earlier today, I applied drywall compound to the many defects in the bathroom’s walls. Once it dried, Nimue hit it with a sanding screen. At least one more round of patching and sanding is in order. Maybe tomorrow we’ll finish that and start rolling on primer. The epoxy for renewing the finish on the fiberglass tub-and-shower is no longer stocked at the home improvement warehouse; we had to special-order it and await its arrival this coming Saturday. Oh well, that gives us time to get our ducks in a row (heh-heh).

I knocked the cabinet down to panels so I can trim a few inches off them with the table saw. I love the idea of taking something that wasn’t working very well from one part of the house and re-making it so it can serve in another.


The next time you see this, I hope there will be both more and less of it to see!

All this is ancillary, however, to today’s shed: my brother’s big old speakers. He gave them to us some years ago when he made the shift to something more modest. We used them till they started to rattle and hum. (My attempt to employ them to reach an altered state of consciousness by playing the Who at 1970s volumes might have had something to do with that.)

It’s not just that they buzz. I could remedy that. The weak link in an audio speaker is the foam ring that connects the cone to the frame. They’re available in repair kits. They aren’t cheap, but cost a lot less than new speakers.

But we’ve moved on, too. Nimue listens to her podcasts through earbuds. I use them, too, on long solo car trips. Most of the time, I’d still rather that music arrived at my ears from at least a couple feet away, but a pair of computer speakers pushes it well enough. When I still need to really rock out, I’ve got an amp-and-speaker thingy (I don’t know what else to call it!) that turns any mp3 source into thumping thunder.

So here’s the plan. There are makers out there, I know, who love a little hands-on and, not incidentally, have a fascination with vinyl LPs [upcoming WIST post!] and vintage stereo equipment. Despite my discouraging results in the past with the medium, I’m going to try to use the “free” category on craigslist to connect with someone who’d like to take on the project.

from "back in the day" ... yet perhaps their day has come again

from “back in the day” … yet perhaps their day shall come again

shedding style: give away
destination: someone’s rock’n’roll dream

Comments welcome … remember when music took up several square feet of space? Were we wrong?


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