What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time

– my old wallet

on January 7, 2017

The conversation with KonMari I promised for today’s post must be rescheduled; sorry! But here’s today’s shed. It’s another item I’ve kept out of the wastebasket awhile so I could write about it on WIST.

Though we all hardly look a day older (ha!), some time ago my good friends Larry and Debbie wed. I had a part in their ceremony, and they gave me a nice leather wallet as a thank-you gift. I didn’t start using it right away, but when my cheap nylon wallet began to part at its folds, I moved cards and cash into the new one, whereupon it and my hip pocket formed a relationship that lasted about 25 years.

The wallet traveled many miles, soaked up a lot of sweat, and survived a two-hour sluicing of salt water we received when a high surf got up and a fishing boat I was on had to dash for harbor. I hardly look a day older (ha!), but the wallet … it became my portrait of Dorian Gray. First its complexion darkened and grew course. Then creases turned into cracks. Finally, it seemed to lose any sense of structure. I loathed giving up on it, but my stuff was spilling out whenever I opened it.


I like my new, cotton duck wallet manufactured by Jandd, a company I trust. (We use their bicycle panniers for our touring.) But it’s not the good old familiar lump in my pocket. Nevertheless, for everything there is a season. As KonMari would recommend, I will hold my old wallet to my heart, thank it for its faithful service on thousands of ordinary days and not a few adventures … then let it go.

shedding style: throw away
destination: landfill

Comments welcome … actually, I wish I could compost the wallet; it’s mostly leather and therefore organic in origin. I tried that with a pair of shoes, however, and after two years, they still turned up in the pile looking like shoes. Suggestions for accelerating the process? Or extending my patience?


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