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-/+? O-Cedar mop, part one

on January 12, 2017

I’ve had a sponge mop on the shed list for months because I couldn’t find a refill sponge for it. But I hate to throw away what isn’t broken or even especially worn if there’s a chance it might be made useful again. So this evening I’ve written to the company.

nothing fancy, but it mops, or would if it had a sponge

nothing fancy, but it mops, or would if it had a sponge

Dear O-Cedar customer service:

I have an O-Cedar mop purchased at a Kroger in Sandy Springs, Georgia, about 10 years ago. The head is a one-piece plastic extrusion with a living hinge … green, if that matters. I can’t find any model no.s or other identifying marks on it. I’d like to locate refills and continue using this perfectly good mop, but the mounting system on your current hinge mop is different. You may see pictures of the mop in question on my blog What I shed today, which is about letting go of what’s useless in our lives while practicing good stewardship of Earth’s resources. I hope you can help. Thanks.


Will it remain a useful tool at Casa de WIST, or will I have to toss it in the hard plastics recycling bin at the landfill? We await the company’s response.

Comments welcome … do you have any apparently orphaned implements hanging about in the limbo of hope something might be done for them?


4 responses to “-/+? O-Cedar mop, part one

  1. This is the sort of thing that really annoys me – perfectly good item unusable because of a part that’s no longer available. If it was mine, I’d try to work out a way to make a replacement sponge… possibly a crocheted cotton pad.

    • revdarkwater says:

      LOL. I’m imagining myself, having crocheted a new cover [insert steep learning curve here], quailing before the prospect of sticking my hand-work into a bucket of dirty mop water! But of course people made their own brooms, and then mops, for hundreds of years before mass production (and marketing). You’ve encouraged me to consider engineering my own solution, thanks!

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