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-/+? O-Cedar mop, part two

on January 13, 2017

Yesterday I posted about contacting customer service at O-Cedar, maker of the mop for which I could not find a refill.

Before the first hour of the business workday ticked away, I had an answer:

Thank you for your interest in our O-Cedar products and for including the picture. We apologize for the difficulty you are having locating them. Unfortunately, the item you are looking for has been discontinued for more than 6 years and is no longer available. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

However, we are certain we can provide you with a product that will satisfy your cleaning needs. Please feel free to email us with any further questions or comments you have.

We would like to assure you that quality and customer satisfaction are our highest priorities. Also, customer feedback helps us maintain our high quality standards.


O-Cedar Family of Products
Consumer Affairs Dept.

Fair enough. I hope Pam’s supervisors know she gets going on the day’s tasks as soon as the day starts. I answered,

“Thanks for your very prompt and clarifying reply. Though I’m disappointed that the model is discontinued, I’m not surprised. And, after all, it’s just a mop. A suggestion, since you invite customer feedback: I would have been helped to find a link to ‘discontinued products’ on ocedar.com. It might have saved me from searching at several different stores.”

And moments later she replied,

I think your suggestion is a very good one and I will certainly share this information with marketing.

So that’s that … though perhaps not. The Snail of Happiness (who steadily knits away, and more, at her gentle, patient, hopeful blog), reminded me that I am not without resources. I am, I recall, the son of an engineer and tinkerer, a Maker before the Maker Movement. The problem is to get a sponge to stick to the mop head. The trick is to not get stuck on how it used to stick there.

Perhaps there shall be “mop, part three” …

Comments welcome … ideas, anyone?


One response to “-/+? O-Cedar mop, part two

  1. I’m sure that this is a problem you can solve… we have a mop that relies on Velcro to hold the detachable cloth in place, although as this has got less reliable in recent years I have started using pieces of old t-shirt over the original cloth and head and tied on around the handle – it’s not pretty, but it’s functional.

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