What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time

– the kitchen cart’s box

on January 18, 2017

“Having stooped to shedding a box on WIST,” I asked myself, “shall I shed another?”



About 15 years ago Nimue and I lived in a house that, to us, seemed constrictively short on kitchen counter-space. One day, pushing a super-sized cart down an aisle at Sam’s Club (a big-box delivery warehouse for way too much of anything I have since learned to avoid), my roving eyes were arrested by an unfinished furniture kit. Why, I thought, there’s the solution to our problem! And it’s on sale, a hundred bucks marked down to $60!

At home I happily carried it downstairs to my basement workshop. Notes: 1. Basements aren’t good locations for anything anyone wants to accomplish unless they are, themselves, nice places that welcome one’s presence. Cold, cob-web-festooned, dimly-lit rooms are birth-labs for several species of unfinishedness. 2. Out of sight is out of mind. 3. If one lives with a partner, it’s really best, when bringing home a project that will require many of hours of assembly and finishing, to recruit her or him as a stakeholder first.

I did start some sanding, but then it languished down there. When we moved rather abruptly, it went back into its box and remained there, mostly forgotten, till we renovated Casa de WIST’s kitchen and in its new order found a spot that called out for the cart.

I excavated the project from a pile in the garage. Long is the tale I could tell of the misguided decision to paint it with 25-year-old oil-based enamel that’s moved with us from location to new location like a curse, of how gravity defies paint and just how many different planes there are on even a fairly simple piece of furniture, and of joints splitting during assembly when the line between “just a little more force” and “whoops” was crossed. But never mind all that. Finally all the steps had been stepped, daily use embraced it, and happiness in the universe was slightly increased.

All that’s left is to take the box to the recycling drop-off next time I go.

shedding style: complete, recycle
destination: our community’s recycling drop-off

Comments welcome … have you ever rejoiced to see the back-side of a box?


2 responses to “– the kitchen cart’s box

  1. I feel like a shed cardboard boxes all the time… these days, though, I carefully peel off any plastic tape and I compost them… all of them… this year, we will be (indirectly) eating cardboard :)

  2. revdarkwater says:

    Last year when we were building paths between the garden beds I went through a lot of cardboard, putting it down as the bottom layer and then piling wood chips on top. It was an effective weed barrier for several months. I don’t much mind putting corrugated in the recycling stream because it’s something our county can actually sell to recover some costs. But making local use if possible is a good global principle, isn’t it?

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