What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time

– two of our everyday bowls, cracked

on January 19, 2017

Some days I chose what to shed. Other days entropy does.

As I forked up the last bite of my salad at lunch, something seemed wrong. I looked closely at the bowl, and found two cracks, long, deep, and about to connect. Another bowl in the set was cracked as well, I found.

The cracks are hard to see, but they're there ... you could have bowled me over!

The cracks are hard to see, but they’re there.

We haven’t abused them, but we’ve used them well. I suppose they’ve been bumped together too often or gone through too many cycles of thermal expansion and contraction in the wash. I’m afraid they’ll have to go to the landfill; we don’t need knick-knack collectors. If a bowl can’t hold hot soup, it’s got to go. But we’re grateful for their service.

shedding style: throw away
destination: the landfill

Comments welcome … ever been bowled over by a crack-up?


2 responses to “– two of our everyday bowls, cracked

  1. Mr Snail broke a bowl that had belonged to his late father and was most upset – he thought it had been thrown away, but I collected the pieces and my niece used them in some mosaics. He was really bowled over when the bowl came back in another form… he wrote about it here if you are interested: https://writinghouse.wordpress.com/2015/01/13/making-history/

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