What I Shed Today

lightening up a little at a time

something that should never be shed …

… is scientific data public funding paid to acquire.

If facts are now to be considered competing ideologies to be suppressed and “alternative facts” breezily asserted without concern for consequences beyond the current news cycle, well, brand me a heretic. But please use a renewable source for the energy to heat the brand.

I haven’t signed up for Twitter, but I will now so I can follow AltUSNatParkService and RogueNASA.

#climate # resist


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and now, a word from the cat

“Never mind all that,” Muffin says. “Keep calm and carry on. The Empress of the Universe is still me.”



-/+? O-Cedar mop, part one

I’ve had a sponge mop on the shed list for months because I couldn’t find a refill sponge for it. But I hate to throw away what isn’t broken or even especially worn if there’s a chance it might be made useful again. So this evening I’ve written to the company.

nothing fancy, but it mops, or would if it had a sponge

nothing fancy, but it mops, or would if it had a sponge

Dear O-Cedar customer service:

I have an O-Cedar mop purchased at a Kroger in Sandy Springs, Georgia, about 10 years ago. The head is a one-piece plastic extrusion with a living hinge … green, if that matters. I can’t find any model no.s or other identifying marks on it. I’d like to locate refills and continue using this perfectly good mop, but the mounting system on your current hinge mop is different. You may see pictures of the mop in question on my blog What I shed today, which is about letting go of what’s useless in our lives while practicing good stewardship of Earth’s resources. I hope you can help. Thanks.


Will it remain a useful tool at Casa de WIST, or will I have to toss it in the hard plastics recycling bin at the landfill? We await the company’s response.

Comments welcome … do you have any apparently orphaned implements hanging about in the limbo of hope something might be done for them?


fear of pastry crusts

“I don’t know why I don’t make pie crust more often,” I said as I cut butter into flour early this morning. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, and we’re making the pies for my family’s feast. Nimue roasted three butternut squash from our garden and prepared a custard of them last night.

“It has a reputation for being difficult,” she answered, “but it’s really not, is it?”

“No,” I agreed, eyeing the wrappers from two full quarters of butter. “On the other hand, maybe I do know why. I never want to stop at a single slice of quiche.”

Whatever I decide and do about that, I’m satisfied with our squash pies so far. I think I’ll shed my fear of making pie crusts.

I could cycle to my parents's house on the calories in that bowl.

I could cycle to my parents’s house on the calories in that bowl.

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Update: our pies turned darker than I expected (perhaps the color came from the spices) but are quite tasty.


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the first occasional WIST minimal packaging award

Here’s one weird trick it’s handy to know: the threads on most blender bottom screw caps match those on regular canning jars. So should you want to blend in a small, easily washed container (or lost your blender pitcher at a party that got out of hand), put your ingredients in a Mason jar, drop the gasket-blades-jar base assembly on top, tighten, flip it over and blend away. But make sure you get the seal on straight, and don’t overtighten. Mine curled up into the spinning blades and got chewed to bits. All the salad dressing I meant to mix ran out all over the blender base, too. Oops.

Thus I needed a new seal. They aren’t hard to find, though they’re generally supplied in lots of three (sigh). I guess if you’ve proved you can’t be trusted with one, odds increase you’ll need spares. I ordered a trio from a reseller on The Great Department Store in the Cloud. I expected they would come blister packed, in a corrugated box ten times their size, protected from damage in transit by bubbles of “packaged air.”

Instead, they appeared in my mailbox in a regular no. 10 envelope, wrapped in a blank sheet of 8½x11 paper (which I will re-use). The mailing label doubled as the packing slip. That’s all.


For doing all that needed to be done with less, I give the first WIST minimal packaging award to Overstock Outlet. Here’s to hope we’ll see a trend.

Note: an earlier version of this post contained a significant factual error; thanks to Nimue for pointing it out.


with sincere apologies to Mick Jones & the Clash

Should it stay or should it go now?
Should it stay or should it go now?
If it’s shed there will be trouble
An’ if it stays there will be double
So come on and let me know:
Should it stay or should it go?

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[WIST pause button pressed]

Nimue and revdarkwater are in Hot Springs, North Carolina, for the Wild Goose Festival, and connectivity is a minor miracle! But they have some daily sheds banked, and they look forward to sharing them when they return home.

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nuttin’ at all … we’re on stay-cation

I parked WIST for a couple days because we’ve been enjoying the Georgia Tandem Rally, which gathered 30 May-1 June 2014 in our city. What I shed today will be back tomorrow with the daily shed!

There we are at the ride start Friday morning.

There we are (with about 130 other tandem teams) at the ride start Friday morning.


the “crack” of success

happiness is a whole sledge hammer

happiness is a whole sledge hammer

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